3 Tips to Achieve Work Life Balance as A Small Business Owner

As a small business owner, you are responsible for making sure that your company is running smoothly and that you are overseeing all aspects of that business. Even if have employees or managers to help with daily operations, you may still need to talk with investors or handle customer complaints. How can you achieve work/life balance as a business owner?

Oval Red - 1 Don’t Be Afraid to Set Aside Time for Yourself

Even in an emergency situation, it may be possible for someone else within the organization to contain the damage or start working on a solution in your absence. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel bad about dedicating an hour each day to spend with your spouse or your family.

If you don’t have anyone else for customers or others to get in touch with besides yourself, you can still keep track of your messages to see if you need to respond to them right away. Setting aside a small amount of time each day for your family and social life ensures that you don’t burn out and that those close to you don’t feel ignored.

Oval Red - 2 People Won’t Blame You for Being Closed on Sunday

It may be a good idea to give yourself at least one day off each week or have one day where you aren’t as active finding grants for small businesses or completing other tasks. In many cases, companies are either closed on Sundays or have limited hours to meet basic customer needs. Therefore, you may want to eye Sunday as your day off each week or the day that you actually get to come home by dinner time.

Oval Red - 3 Establish Policies as to When You Respond to Customer Inquiries

Customers generally follow your guidance when it comes to how quickly you will respond to their queries. Ideally, you will create a policy that gives you 24-48 hours to get back to anyone who has asked you a question, expressed a concern or wants more information about a product or service that you offer. By giving yourself this time, you won’t feel rushed in the event that you don’t have a good answer right away. It also allows you to take some time on weekends to relax and not worry about business for a few hours without breaking your commitment to your patrons.

As a business owner, it is critical that you enjoy what you do. Otherwise, you will give poor service to your customers or offer substandard workmanship on any projects that you perform. Therefore, make sure that you have some sort of work/life balance that allows you to enjoy running your company as well as the lifestyle that it ultimately afford you. For more info, you can visit Ontario Centres of Excellence for additional professional insights.

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