Features To Take Your POP Display To The Next Level

Increasing sales are essential in every business. An entrepreneur can use point of purchase displays to attract the attention of shoppers to the merchandise. These in-store displays are also focal points for both you and your sales team to suggest the required add-ons help in up-selling from better to best.

Each POP display in the store must have a particular purpose for improving the sales of the products displays and also to support any suggestions for add-ons. This is the mains reason why it’s paramount to plan and organize the POP displays despite the size of the store.

To begin with, one can organize the merchandise around relevant departments like women’s, men’s, youth and under 10. Consider organizing them further into categories by best, better and good. It is extremely important to capture the shopper’s attention while they are in the process of making decisions on the merchandise they’ll buy. When you make your potential customers aware of particular products, it will become easy to boost sales while raising the brand awareness.

So how can you increase your sales at the point of purchase? Here are some tips that will prove helpful:


Be sure to use clear messages to urge your customers to purchase. The messaging must be easy and simple to read. It’s better not to use more than three lines in the text and not more than three words in each line. Be sure to limit the use of company specific language or other jargon that customers don’t know. Focus on naming the benefits to the customer since buyers want to know how they’ll benefit from the products.


Make use of engaging graphics, bright colors, and intriguing designs. Your purpose is to get the customers to look. So how do you draw their attention? One way is to catch them off guard with something they haven’t seen in the store before. Make use of bright colors or the unexpected patterns that stand out. Boxy shapes should be avoided and rather try some unusual shapes, cutouts or blunt angles. Compelling messaging and a design that is impactful can make a big difference.


Your retail displays can be very critical just like the design and the message. Consider all the available options whether on at the checkout stands, on the shelves, on a table or the floor. To be more efficient, it has to reach out to customers where they are and especially when they are in the process of making the purchasing decisions.

The main aim of POP is to encourage the customers to impulse buy. These tips can surely get you started. Always know that the clients tend to react differently try to read their minds and make any necessary changes.

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