Microsoft Office 2007 Changes And Features

Updates and Features

Microsoft Office 2007 is an application software suite that includes a number of programs, to include a word processor, slideshow creator, database manager, and spreadsheet manager. It was the first version of the software suite to implement a ribbon in the graphical user interface instead of menu bars and buttons. It is also the first of the series to feature contextual tabs to quickly change between options within the program itself, as well as new file extensions to allow for compatibility between file types and additional functionality.

Office offers both client and server capabilities to allow the consumer to utilize the programs in a multitude of environments to fulfill a specific function as necessary. As with other versions of Microsoft Office, 2007 offers the basic programs Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, with the premium versions including Access, Outlook, OneNote, and others. Among other changes from its predecessors, Office 2007 makes several quality of service improvements to each of their programs as well as the removal of obsolete or redundant features, such as speech recognition (which was introduced with the release of Windows Vista in 2007). While differences between Office 2003 and 2007 are largely cosmetic changes and minor feature updates, the difference between Office 2007 and its successors are more significant – the primary of which include the start of the integration of internet-based features and mobile versions, a design strategy that is continued in its successors.

Purchasing the Software

Overall, Microsoft Office 2007 makes noteworthy updates compared previous versions, with major interface design changes altering the cosmetics of the program, file extension changes, and other minor updates to the software offered in the suite. However, it is for the same reason that the upgrade to versions past Office 2007 is not an entirely necessary one.

For consumers who only need the basic functions of the programs (that is, word processing, slideshows, database and spreadsheet management) Office 2007 is a great choice of software to fulfill those needs. Furthermore, with the numerous editions of the suite offered, it ensures that the user has a variety of options to select the edition that best suits the task at hand. While the Standard edition will suffice for the average consumer, the Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise editions each add more programs, features, and general functionality. For the average user, the decision to buy Microsoft Office 2007 can simply be determined by their needs and what they expect and require from the program – a decision that, regardless of the edition, is valuable investment.

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