Microsoft Office 2010: Spotlight on Access

Microsoft Office 2010 is used in a variety of settings. With its multitude of programs, inclusive of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, OutLook and Access, it suits any home or business need.

Although you may use Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Business or Home and Student, you will lack Access, which comes exclusively with Microsoft Office 2010 Professional. If you’re a business owner, you may find this program satisfies an important need.

Microsoft Access is a relational database. It is used to create “queries” so that the business owner can ask the database questions about customer or client content. For example, if a business has a list of customers and their addresses, her or she can create one table with this information. Next, the business owner can create a table with the products that he or she keeps in stock. In an Access database you may then want to log which of your customers have bought what products, on what date, in what quantity — you can even use an aggregate function to total the amount.

At this point you can link common fields such as Product ID or Customer ID and you can create a query to ask the database how many customers have bought any particular product and how much revenue that product is generating. You could also look up a customer’s most recent order with relative ease. You can create queries using the Query Wizard to make the process easy even for the inexperienced Access user.

Access allows you to create reports and forms using the queries you create. You can use the Form Wizard or the Report Wizard to create these items. Forms and reports make printable visual displays for data, so that the business owner can keep paper records, if desired. Moreover, all forms and reports can be saved and titled in the database to maintain a trail. There are many themes and templates available for forms and reports if you do not want to be bothered with custom formatting.

Additionally, you can import information from Excel, Word, your hard drive and a variety of other programs if you are running Microsoft Office 2007 or newer. This makes creating the initial tables of information essentially effortless if you already have your customer or client information saved to Excel.

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional contains special programs useful for the modern business owner. Buy Microsoft Office 2010 Professional today and get started building or organizing your business.

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