Why Should You Upgrade To Windows 8

Though it is easy to hate Windows 8, an upgrade is always better, and it is inappropriate to nag about the changes. The software comes with modern features, and updates are still being released to make it better. Refusal to upgrade is just like those people who are still loyal to Windows XP and make a roughly 34 percent estimate in the world. The reason that software is the right software are:


1. The software makes the computer run faster

One of the most fantastic job done by Microsoft is improving the speed of processing when using the software unlike in another version of systems. The new software has a lot of under-the-hood improvements that enhances the processing capability of the computer. PCMag did an extensive study and found that the boot time when using the system is much faster compared to older version of the system. Other benefits include faster speed of browsing, higher benchmark scores, and can make a tremendous difference in performance even on an old machine.


2. Windows 8 is not a monster

Many people are harsh to newly established Windows systems by Microsoft by claiming that they are very complicated to use. These are just misgivings about the operating systems that make the average users hate the systems while it should not be the case. Though the new operating system is designed with touch in mind, it is also possible to use the operating system on the laptop or desktop. For users who are used to the start button that they find easier in Windows 7, they can use other application such as Pokki or RetroUI, which are the perfect replacement.


3. Ton of potential with apps

The new version of Windows comes with a ton of potential. Though it might be good to avoid the start screen much of the time and use the desktop to work out, the new version of the Windows comes with a lot of compelling new apps. Other great apps can be obtained from the store.


There are many reasons that a client should not fear change and should buy Windows 8. The software is a full proof of better performance and a change to new look. Despite there are claims that you there is no need to make a move from the older Microsoft systems, the new operating systems will offer a new and refreshing look and only require the user to make adjustments in the way they interact with their PC. The problem with many people is that they do not like change and learning new things since they think it is complicated or a waste of time making them opt to stick with what they already have.

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