Windows 7: New Features

After releasing Windows 8, Bill Gates claimed that “higher is better” but this is not always the case in Windows land. For example, after Windows Vista was released, it had challenges with transferring files over a network at a reasonable speed making many people stick with Windows XP. Windows 7 later came, and many managed to migrate successfully but after windows 8, 8.1 and ten were brought it has become difficult for many people to upgrade. An example of the windows that had a problem are vista and windows me that had performance and stability issues. The problem with Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 is not stability but visibility and compatibility.


Features that makes Windows 7 to remain better

1. Neglect to Desktop users

One of the reasons that Windows 8 failed is that Microsoft did not realize that Windows tablet users will never use the desktop. The company also failed to think that desktop users can boot straight to the desktop. There are those customers who don’t want to go to the modern technology and want to stick to the old desktop. There are many start menu replacement that only appeared after a delay to log in to allow booting straight to the desktop.

2. Cognitive burden

The new start screen that came with a new version of Windows forced a “context shift” in the user’s attention obscuring the rest of work. The new system of Windows comes with dual and dueling interfaces that created a cognitive burden.

3. No Unified Search

The other reason that you should buy Windows 7 is that it has a more unified search than the newly released Windows systems. It is easy to search for a file or program in the old windows than in the new system. The new windows especially 8 requires that you only find installed applications by default but if you want anything else you have to click files or settings. There are those settings that appear under apps while others appear under setting making it complicated for the user.

4. Windows Store

Windows 8 came with an announcement that it will have a central app store that made many customers thrilled such as Linux that has a convenient centralized software installation. However, the store for Microsoft only allowed installation of modern apps and not desktop apps. There are very few desktop apps that are listed in the store. The store cannot handle updates, installation and syncing apps between devices. The windows store is, therefore, useless on a desktop, and it is not enough reason to upgrade.


People should, therefore, purchase Windows 7 professional which is the best version of the Windows since it is the most stable windows and with the most friendly user interface.

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